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February 6th, 2008, 6:05 am

#006 "No Goddamned Sense"

Ok, most of today's comic is pretty self-explanatory whether you've played HL2 or not.

The one I want to draw attention to is panel 5, the head crab rockets.

As you're playing HL you'll come across sequences where the area you're in gets 'shelled' by rockets that are filled with head-crabs. The rockets hit the ground, pop open, and four or five head-crabs jump out. The Ravenholme sequence shows just what these can do.

I was playing HL2 through again the other day and I just thought...what's the point?

Think about it. The Combine are attacking an enemy made up primarily of terrified, unarmed people. This is a weapon that takes those terrified, unarmed people...and turns them into fearless zombies with GIGANTIC claws that attack both human and combine indiscriminately. Considering you're going to have to clear the place out one way or another...why make your enemy stronger?

Yup, they're not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

As for technical notes, the only thing worth mentioning is panel 3, which was an absolute bitch.

I originally planned to set up a camera, then pilot the the air-boat myself, so it would have a nice wake behind it to show it was moving at speed. Unfortunately, you can't drive and snap a picture at the same time.

I tried everything from driving the thing then leaping out to snap the picture, setting off grenades behind the name it, I tried it.

I gave up and just took a picture of the stationary boat. In photoshop, I tried using a motion-blur filter along with a mask...but that meant you couldn't even SEE that the boat was a I ended up drawing in my own 'wake'.

It's not fantastic, but does the job.

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